Beside of my scientific publications you can find in my homepage texts analyzing current, unconscious group processes. I call them «Newsletters» and «Remarks on Group Process»

In my  «Psychonomic Newsletters» I explain the course of stock markets from the political group process for different phases.

With my  remarks on a current political group process I intend to  interfere with an ongoing political discourse. The commentaries are usually shorter than the Newsletters.

In the German remarks I refer to  the political discourse on international issues  as is  manifested in local or international mainstream newspapers or elsewhere. In these I rather  refer to post-natal traumatic experiences than to prenatal ones.

The english remarks include the texts which I post on American discussion lists. In these postings I explain the group process as an unconscious process and I make references to the »Psychogenic Theory of History» of Lloyd deMause, of which I am an adherent.

Florian Galler


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