Cartoons on Growth Panic

In the following I comment three political cartoons from about the political group process.

Cartoon 1: Jeff Danziger, Nov. 16, 2020


– The morning star is a striking weapon that was used in the Middle Ages

– The striking weapon does not work by piercing, but by a raw transmission of force. The punching weapon is used by the raw transmission of the owner’s muscle power to achieve damage. (wikipedia)

– Archaic weapons, for us humans these are the earliest traumatic experiences, from the prenatal period until language acquisition. All these experiences are contained in the central birth trauma.

– Our nurturing environment, represented by the paradisiacal beautiful woman who at the same time is the tormented womb democracy, is destroyed and thereby beaten to death in the most primitive way.

– The earliest traumatic feelings of the trauma of birth are re-staged and acted out through the destruction and damage of our nurturing environment, democracy.

Cartoon 2: Clay Jones, Nov. 16, 2020


– On the front of the lectern it says: “Make America Fascist Again”. Now we are – on a fantasy level -at the peak of one of the worst events of modern times in our political culture, the culmination of the evil and unreasonable, namely fascism with Holocaust and World War II. The German psycho-historian Heinrich Reiss is of the opinion that a nazi-fantasy represents a turning point in a political process.

– After all, it is the maliciousness itself that is associated with current Republican politics, which is barely covered in democratic cloak, the violation of good faith in dealings with political dissidents, the mockery of reasonable principles, the staging and advocacy of open, destructive politics.

– This malice in itself is on the one hand a matter of psycho-classes. The old psycho-classes with the relatively poor parent-child relationship bear the rapid growth of civilization in Western democracies only poorly. They have a relatively rigid Social Alter. They unconsciously hate the younger psycho classes because of their greater freedoms and the improvements in social behavior.

– There is, in addition to the majorities in Congress and government, an unconscious side, the unconscious demonization of reasonable policies, of reason as such and of democracy. The Social Alter wants the removal of reason from politics, in favor of an authoritarian political system that seeks to damage and remove reason and democracy per se, as Trump did and still does. 

Cartoon 3


The hanged Republican elephant suffers the tortures we unconsciously suffer when we do something reasonable in politics. This makes us lose our interest in politics.

Our social Alter hates decency in politics. After all, unscrupulousness is needed to implement destructive policies.

Florian Galler,

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