Britain, after Supreme Court Verdict: Can Labour Help?

Within the ongoing political group process our reasonable personality parts in politics gained in strength compared to the position of our dissociated personality parts, our alter egos. Just look at Donald Trump[i] and Boris Johnson[ii]These global idols of our alter egos in politics got in serious trouble.

Nevertheless I fear that the British Labour Party will not be able to be a credible partner engaging for a reasonable solution of the Brexit problem. Within  Labour ideological hardliners dominate the party, among them the president of the Party, Jeremy Corbyn.  The latest prove of  an ideological striving for dominance over moderate remainers within the Labor party was delivered on Sep 20, just before the beginning of the party’s annual conference :

Sep 20 2019, The Guardian

Corbyn allies in bid to scrap Tom Watson’s deputy leader post.

Labour has been plunged into a fresh civil war on the eve of its annual conference, as allies of Jeremy Corbyn launched a bid to abolish Tom Watson’s post of deputy leader.

Jon Lansman, founder of the pro-Corbyn campaign group Momentum, tabled a last-minute motion at the party’s ruling national executive committee (NEC) on Friday night calling for Watson’s job to be scrapped.

“Watson, who has been pushing Labour to have a more pro-remain Brexit policy”[i],” described the attempt to oust him as a ‘drive-by shooting’”[ii].

[i] Sep 21, The, Tom Watson: Labour ditches vote on abolishing deputy leader role
[ii] ibid

During the decisive weeks to come, Labour probably will not be able to position itself as a «Remainer party», opposing Brexiteers. So there will be three different political camps: The Brexiteers, the Remainers and Labour. The political gravity center within the dominant ideological part of Labour unfortunately is motivated rather by an ideological belief system than by the real living conditions of the broad population. According to this belief system, capitalism together with its instrument democracy is the reason for every evil in the world. From such ideological certainties comes a spontaneous  conviction that democracy is bad. I think that Labour in its current mental state cannot be expected to stand up for democratic values. 

Today, no reasonable institutions seem to be taken for granted. The Uncertainty in respect of our political systems is still considerable. In such uncertain conditions there seems to exist a chance to seriously damage a political system which is perceived as a «perilous capitalistic system» and the associated democracies. Hurting the European Union, as the little brother of the big satan USA would also hurt the USA as the center of countries with democracy and free or social market economies.

Such ideological fantasies from the Left have similar destructive implications as the destructive fantasies of right-conservative ideologues as Nigel Farage:

“The EU is about to collapse, disintegrating into several pieces.”[i]

English Proofreading by Rudy Weiler (

[i] Jun 11, 2016, Reuters via World News: Brexit campaigner Farage says UK, Italy to launch EU’s disintegration.

[i] Sep 25, 2019,, Nancy Pelosi Announces Formal Impeachment Inquiry of Trump

[ii] Sep 24, 2019,, UK supreme court: « Johnson’s suspension of parliament unlawful, suprême  court rules.» (The eleven judges ruled unanimously)

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